Snorkelling, New Year and Alice Broster – Koh Phi Phi

Monday 28th December

Super early start. We got a tuk tuk down to the pier at 5am to catch our ferry over to the mainland. It was still dark out. We got on board the ferry but the water was quite choppy. It was a bit of a rough one, I think Erin felt it the worst. The sunrise was really beautiful to watch though. The water calmed down eventually though and we made it to the mainland. We got on a big bus which drove us for three hours across the mainland. Was quite comfortable and I managed to sleep for a lot of it. We got off the bus and had to wait for an hour or so to be taken to the pier for our final ferry. There was a shaded area to sit with chairs though so it wasnt too bad. We were eventually collected and taken to the boat to take us to Phi Phi! Faye was with us and we met with her mate Natalie. After a quick (and delicious) baguette, we boarded the boat. I always love arriving at Phi Phi because it is such a beautiful island! Such blue water. There are no motorised vehicles there because it is so small. It makes it a bit if a mish to get to your hostel though. All the streets are small and crammed either side with shops, cafes, bars, restaurants and tattoo parlours. We asked a few people for directions and eventually made it to our hostel on the other side of the island. Phew. It was hot! Our hostel was lovely though. Had only been open 7 days so everything was brand new! We checked in, got showered and me, Meash and Erin went out for a walk and to find some food. One of the shops was selling cheapo novelty glasses, of course we had to purchase some…


We found somewhere to eat and had an amazing wrap. After food we went for a walk along the beach. There are loads of bars lining the beach with mega tunes and fire dancers and breathers. We weren’t out for a big one though so we carried on walking until we found a quiet bar and had a few drinks. It was lovely.

Tuesday 29th December

That morning we went out to find some amazing bacon butties that Meash and Erin had eaten when they were on the island a few years ago. They were insane! Proper bacon and an egg. Yes!!! After breakkie, me, Natalie, Faye, Meash and Erin went to find a boat so we could go snorkelling. We got a good price off a local man, for three hours of his time and he went to get some snorkelling equipment for us. We all haphazardly got on the boat. Difficult..tiny ladders and unstable floating boats are a bad combination. We all got on though and we set off round the island.


There were loads of boats on the water so it was crazily choppy. We all got absolutely soaked as we made our way to the first snorkelling stop. The water was a lot calmer there and so beautifully blue and clear.



We jumped off the boat to have a swim. I put my mask on and had a look under the water to see that I was surrounded by beautiful blue and green fish. It was a bit weird to start with because I thought they were going to touch me but they were just swimming. The boat man had brought some bread with him so he chucked some bits in to bring the fish closer. That was a bit terrifying. The fish formed massive squabbling balls around the bread, not so great when the guy chucked the bread at your head. I didn’t like it very much and it was hard to swim away because I didn’t want to kick the fish!!
I got used to it though. Faye was a blummin nightmare. Haha. She was feeling poorly so didn’t come in for a swim, she just enjoyed chucking the bread near me and watching me scream as the fish swarmed round me. Snorkelling was beautiful. There are larger fish deep down that you can spot. All the coral is beautiful to look at as well. We went to two more snorkelling spots. The final one, I decided to try and practise my new diving skills off the boat. It went terribly wrong. I had to jump quite high up off the boat. I lost my nerve half way through and did a full body flop and got water up my nose. Not ideal. Made a great noise though.
Before we headed back, we got Meash to take a pic of us girls…


The water was still really choppy on the way back. It was great fun though, crashing along the waves and getting soaked.  We arrived back on land and went for a late lunch in a bakery/ cafe. I had this amazing nutella and peanut butter milkshake. It was the best milkshake of my life! 
Me and Erin went for massages afterwards and to have a gand in some of the shops. I think the woman that massaged me hated me though. Serious pain.

That evening we all sat round in the hostel and had a few drinks. We met some people also staying there and decided to go out with them. We went to a few bars, had some buckets and ended up on the beach dancing the night away. It was such a good night!! Those buckets are lethal though!




Wednesday 30th December

Hangover. I managed to make Meash come and have some breakkie with me. Full English from the amazing bacon place. It was much needed. After breakfast, I left Meash to go for a wander around and  have my lashes done. It took about an hour.  I did fall asleep half way through, snored and woke myself up. Ha. They looked great though. Little new year treat. Later on, I met up with the others and waited with them for a bit before heading down to the pier to go and meet Alice Broster!!! Wooo!!! I was a bit early so I went to have an iced coffee in a cafe. I went back to meet the boat and waited until I could see her little head walking in the crowd towards me. It was fantastic to see her! I didn’t warn her about the long walk to the hostel.. It was an emotional time for her with her big backpack. We arrived though and she got checked in and settled. That evening we all went out for Mexican food and to a roof top bar where they were playing a film.

Thursday 31st December

New years eve!

After breakfast, we decided to hire a boat out again and go and see Maya Bay. I didn’t have the best experience when I was there last, after nearly drowning, so I thought it might be nice to see it on a sunny day. We did some snorkelling again. Our boat man took us to some beautiful spots around the island. I remembered to take my go pro that time, can’t wait to see if the footage is any good. That evening we all grabbed some street food for dinner before sitting round in the common room of the hostel with beers before going out to celebrate.



We headed out and went to a few bars before making our way to the beach for midnight. I didn’t really know what to expect for the celebrations, I wasn’t even sure if they would do a count down. They did. It was amazing. They turned all the music off and everyone counted down to midnight. At 12 o’clock the sky exploded with spectacular fireworks. It was honestly amazing. Second best New Year ever.


Photo credit @ambf21

We danced like lunatics on the beach for a while before heading back. The first place we passed coming off the beach was a tattoo parlour. In our infinite drunken wisdom we decided to go in and Alice and Pilch decided to get a tattoo each. Alice’s could have been a horrible drunken mistake but it actually came out beautifully. A Thai scripture meaning success and good luck around her left wrist. Pilch on the other hand……..


Left bum cheek 😂🙈 Hilarious. We went to the rooftop bar for a bit but then decided to call it a night and all headed back. Fantastic times!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊

Friday 1st January.

Pilch was getting the ferry back to the mainland later on that morning to fly to Vietnam so we went back to the cafe/bakery for breakfast. Another epic peanut butter and nutella milkshake. Fantastic start to the new year (what diet?) We said cheerio to Pilchard and then went for a wander around. Us girls treated ourselves to a pedicure and basically just monged around in the salon for a while. That evening, we went out for dinner with Meash and then up to the rooftop bar. We found Natalie and Faye up there so sat with them for a bit, having a chat.

Next stop…… Bali


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