Arrival of the boys, Christmas and learning how to dive – Koh Phangnan and Koh Tao.

Wednesday 23rd December

It was a very long day! We got up super early to get the taxi to take us to the pier. We said goodbye to Koh Lanta as we got on the ferry and crossed over to the main land. The ferry didn’t take too long, about 2 hours
We made a friend on the way


When we got to the main land we had to get a bus over to the other side. That took another 3 ish hours. It was quite a nice bus though. Well, I say that, it was more that it was a coach rather than a cramped mini bus which is what I was expecting. The coach was brilliant news. We eventually made it to the other side and got on another ferry over to Phangnan. It was such a long day but eventually, 9 hours after we left, we made it. When we arrived on Phangnan it was absolutely tipping it down. We had to huddle together in the back of the tuk tuk taxi to keep dry. We made it to our hostel and went to find the boys; Pilch and Meash, (Ashby De La Zouch on tour). I assumed they would be in the bar but they were both asleep, bless them. We woke them up. After we settled in we decided to go out for some dinner. We went for a wander down the road and found a little cheap Thai place. It was so good to catch up with the boys.
We had some food and a few drinks before heading back to the hostel. That evening we played ring of fire with everyone and a few other lads in our dorm.

Thursday 24th December

Koh Phangnan is quite a big island so we decided to all rent out some scooters to make the most of it. We arranged the scooters through the hostel and then all set out to find some breakfast. We went down to the main beach where the full moon party takes place and immediately hated all the piss heads down there. It was so crowded and horrible. We found a restaurant on the beach front though and ordered some food. Afterwards, we went for a ride around the island. Having a scooter is the best!! We drove for a little while to the north of the island and found ourselves a lovely beach. We stayed there for a bit to relax and then eventually to watch the sun set a bit. 


Before it got dark we headed out again and made our way back. It did start raining again on the way back though which made for an interesting ride. That evening Pilch wasn’t feeling too good from the horrific sunburn he managed to get. So me , Meash and Erin went out to this amazing Burger place. It was so good. It was very rainy though so we stayed there chatting for ages before daring to ride back in the rain!

Friday 25th December


I got up at about 9 and went out to get some rays near the pool in our hostel. It was a beautiful morning and felt quite strange to be sunbathing on Christmas day. I got myself a christmas coconut


After a while everyone else got up too. Pilch did manage to loose the key for his bike though so we spent a while looking for that. We couldn’t find it so we had to call the bloke we rented the bikes out from. There was a mad panic where we though that Pilch’s bike had been stolen but it turns out it was there all along in front of us, just with someone else’s helmet on the seat. We all assumed it wasn’t his. Dearie me. After Pilch got a new key, we went for a ride on our bikes and stopped off at a restaurant with a beautiful view out to sea. We were all tinselled up with Santa hats on.


It was hard to feel christmassy in the heat but we managed a bit. We had booked our Christmas dinner for 3pm so we made our way back and met with some other lads from our dorm. We got a taxi to the restaurant so we could all get sloshed. The Christmas dinner was actually quite good.




We swapped prezzies and the boys very kindly bought a bottle of champers each for us to share. After dinner we played very intense jenga. We all had a brilliant time!! Unfortunately there wasn’t any Christmas crackers but I was happy enough with pigs in blankets and red wine 😀
There was a full moon party that night but me, Meash and Erin didn’t fancy it. Pilch went with some other people. Instead, we went to find a quieter bar and had a drink there. We couldn’t be bothered with a load of drunk and drug filled teenagers. Haha. Definitely getting old! We had a lovely chilled evening. On the way back to the hostel we stopped off for toasties and a little bar of cadburys from the 7 11. I wouldn’t do Christmas away from home again but I did have a lovely day.

Saturday 26th December

Me, Meash and Erin left Pilch to sleep after his all nighter and went out on our bikes. We stopped off for breakfast and then rode right to the north of the island where we found the most beautiful beach, there was even a swing!



We stayed there for most of the afternoon, Meash even made a sandcastle.


On the way back we stopped off at a waterfall. It was a bit of a sweaty trek to the top but it was pretty enough.


I feel that after the spectacular waterfall in Luang Prabang, it takes a lot to impress me now.

That evening we went to a cheap Thai place for dinner and I actually befriended a child. Rarity! I think it was the owner’s boy but he was so chunky and cute! We made robots out of Lego and made them fight. Ha.

Sunday 27th December

We had an early start that morning to catch the ferry to Koh Tao. The boat was rammo jammed though which made for a not too pleasant journey. It took about an hour to get there but we made it and got a taxi to our hostel. Koh Tao is a lot smaller and nicer than Phangnan. We got some food near the water front and then went to a swimming pool near where we were staying. The pool was great, really deep. Everyone was diving in, but I couldn’t dive, so I decided to learn. Three hours, many belly flops and shouts of “just do it!!!” later, I managed!! 


Other people round the pool were getting involved too. I think I had about 6 teachers in the end! I was very proud of myself 😀
That evening we went to the beach to get some dinner and watch the sun set. Such a beautiful place.


Next stop… Koh Phi Phi


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