Massages, tattoos, beach times and scooters – Bangkok, Krabi and Koh Lanta

Monday 14th December

We landed in Kuala Lumpur at about 6am. The flight was a bit horrendous. So tired but too uncomfortable to sleep. I was so glad when we finally landed.  We were pretty shattered so we went to find a seat somewhere and set up camp. We weren’t due to fly to bangkok until 4pm. We tried and failed to get some sleep. In the end we just read our books until about 11 when we went to get breakfast. The time didn’t pass too slowly. We spent the rest of the time in Starbucks , drinking tea, before we went to check in for our flight. The flight to Bangkok was easy peasy. We landed and got a taxi to our hostel. It was so lovely to back in Thailand, which shocked me. Felt like going home. Everything is so easy and simple. It was great. We went out to get some food and ended up having an amazing Indian curry. It was so good!

I also had a glass of red wine for my wonderful Aunty Gill. Rest in peace. You will be greatly missed xxx

We stayed out for another cocktail because it was lovely and warm out. Back in Thailand and our first drinks in about 6 weeks. After a bit we headed back to get some sleep.

Tuesday 15th December

We had about 10 days before we needed to be on Koh Phangnan. We decided to get a flight down to Krabi (£22 each – bargain) and then go to Koh Lanta for a few days before heading back over to Phangnan. We looked at flights and booked one for the next morning. We had a day in bangkok, so we did the obvious thing…. Got massages and our nails done!! We started off with a spot of breakfast at our usual place. Iced coffee with fruit, yoghurt and honey. Yes! As we were leaving we bumped in to Cynthia and Cory!! Weird! They were in bangkok and were leaving that night to fly home. What are the chances!? We stayed and chatted to them for a while before heading off to get our much needed massages. They were amazing. Next stop was nails. Mine were absolutely atrocious. It was so great being pampered. That evening we did the next obvious thing to do… Went to the cinema! We got a tuk tuk to MBK and went to see the Heart of the Ocean which was actually really good. I want to read Moby Dick now.

Wednesday 16th December

Early ish start to get a taxi to the airport. There was a parade happening in the streets near where we were staying so we had to leave half an hour earlier to allow for the traffic. The drive didn’t take too long though. We ended up being quite early for our flight so we got some breakkie and waited to board. It was a very short flight so before long we had landed in lovely Krabi. We got a taxi to our hostel. It was so sunny and lovely!! We went to get some food after we checked in and then went for a little walk to buy some postcards and the like. It was wonderful walking around in the sunshine with a light breeze. China was amazing but you cant beat a bit of sunshine!! After a bit it did start to rain though so we chilled down stairs in the hostel. That evening, the rain stopped. We went out for some street food at the market. Afterwards we went back to the bar at the hostel for some cocktails.


We saw on Facebook that James Bunting, a guy who we met when we were crossing from Laos to Cambodia, was also on Krabi and staying near by. He popped over for a few drinks with us as well.

Thursday 17th December

We met up with James for breakfast before all getting the boat to Railey beach. You could catch the boat from right down the road from our hostel. The boat ride took about 40 minutes but it was beautiful on the water.


We made it to the little pier and got off the boat. We went to find the best bit of beach and settled down in the sunshine. It was so hot! We all went in the sea and me and Erin practised picking each other up on our shoulders. We nailed it


We had a lovely afternoon, had an ice cream (magnum gold… Obvs) and some lunch, which was a rubbish tiny jacket potato. Ha. We stayed to watched the sun start to go down before getting the boat back at 5pm. Railey beach is so beautiful.





That evening, we got showered and went next door to get the most amazing burger ever! It was so good. Blue cheese and everything. Thailand is great for food. No more pot noodles. After dinner we went back to the bar at our hostel to play pool for a bit before bed.

Friday 18th December

James had already spent 2 weeks on Koh Lanta and had come back to Krabi to get a visa extension, he decided to come back to Koh Lanta with us. We were collected from our hostel at 11am. The mini bus was tiny and there was no leg room. Me and Erin were stuck right at the back.


It took three hours to get to Koh Lanta. The bus went on a boat so we couldn’t even get out and stretch. I think it was one of my least favourite journeys. We eventually arrived and got dropped off at the long beach part of the island. It is so lovely there. Its off the main road and its just loads of bars, tattoo parlours, little shops, restaurants and places to stay. We managed to find a cheap dorm and dumped our stuff. Over the road was a little restaurant that did good, cheap Thai food. We ate there. There was also a tattoo place attached to it so I started chatting to the guy, Kay, about the tattoo that I wanted. He drew it up for me and I decided to go ahead with it. Its a fancy northern point, because I’m a grotty traveller. It took about 45 minutes to do with bamboo. Love it!



Avril, a girl from Ireland, whom James knew from before decided to bite the bullet and get her tattoo done too so we all gave her moral support while she sat in the chair. We also met another guy called Steve, from Manchester. That night we all sat outside our dorm and played cards with a few beers.

Saturday 19th December

That morning we all went for breakfast on the beach. Erin decided to get her tattoo done. We had to wait for Kay to get ready and for him to sort out the template etc. She got a sun on her upper back. It looks really cool.


We stayed in the restaurant while she got it done. It took about an hour and a half. That evening we went to the beach for some dinner. After dinner, we went to get a massage. Lying on a little hut on the beach, with the smell of the oils and the sound of the waves lapping against the shore as you get massage. Can’t complain really.  After the massage we went back for more cards and beers. Such a chilled lifestyle.

Sunday 20th December

James’s turn for a tattoo. We we for breakfast on the beach again before hand. He was meant to be getting it done at 12 but Thai time doesn’t work that way. Me and Erin went shopping for a bit while we waited.
Christmas is coming


We chilled out in the restaurant until finally at 2.30, Kay started. It was a difficult design so it took him 4 and a half hours. The end result was really cool though.


That evening, me, Erin, James and Steve got a tuk tuk to a bar down the road for some food. I had an amazing masaman curry. We had some beers and played pool for a bit. The pool table was huge though and it was very dark in there, a lot of guesswork involved. Ha.

Monday 21st December.

Sick to death of watching each other get tattooed, we decided to rent out some scooters and got exploring. Its not a very big island, there are only three main roads. It was great to be on a scooter again and have So much freedom.


We scooted round for a while and then went to find a beach. We had a dip in the sea and a bit of a sunbathe. It was so hot though that it was nicer to be on the bikes. We carried on exploring and went to the Old Town. There were loads of nice shops on either side of the street and places to eat. We went to a little cafe run by an elderly couple. It was basically some chairs and tables outside their house on the main street. They were so lovely and they had the biggest, fattest, cat I have ever seen. She was called Wai Wai and it was love at first sight.


We got some coffee and fruit shakes there. The old man gave us a magazine each and they had some simple Thai phrases in there. So we sat for a bit and tried to learn some Thai. After a bit the man came out with a pot of Chinese tea for us which was lovely and then, as we left they gave us two bags of banana chips. Honestly, the loveliest couple ever!! We went for a wander around some of the shops before setting off on our bikes again.  We drove round for a bit more before heading back. I decided I wanted a bit more pain and mutilation so I went back to Kay to get my right tregus re pierced.


We went to the beach for dinner that evening and to watch the sunset and get another massage. Can’t help myself.


Later on we sat outside our dorm with … You guessed it… Beers and cards!! We played ring of fire, more and more people kept joining us, in the end there were about 13 of us. It was great fun!! Many a beer. It got to about midnight and everyone but me and Erin went on to a different bar. We are old… We went to bed. Haha.

Tuesday 22nd December

After a lie in, we got up and went to find some food. We stayed near the beach for a while. It was too hot to sunbathe so me and Erin went to rent scooters again with the hopes of getting a tan and staying cool as we rode along. We set off and spent the rest of the day zooming around the island. We went to see some shops and went back to see Wai Wai and the old couple. They taught us a bit more Thai and gave us more free banana chips. Love them! We did some shopping in old town, got some new shorts, new bikini and some tinsel. Hehe.
That evening we went to the Irish bar down the road. Irish bars have such great food! I had amazing steak pie, mash and gravy. It was soooo gooooood!! After a large meal, we were all pretty sleepy. We went back to our hostel and sat around chatting and playing cards before bed. I have to say this blog gets pretty boring when I’m in Thailand. Just eating, drinking and relaxing. Great stuff!

Next stop…. Koh Phangnan.


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